Personalized Dog Bowls Order Here Large Dog Bowl with Name $69.95 USD Add Sentence on Back of Bowl $75.95 USD Pets Name On Front of Bowl Sentence On Back Of Bowl

A note on color: We do not use lead or cadmium in our inks so they are food safe, because you need lead and heavy metals to get brighter reds and blues, we don't get them that bright because we don't use toxic heavy metals in our inks - they wouldn't be food safe if we did. It will look beautiful and safe when we are done!!

You will be brought to our upload page when your purchase is complete. We will be asking you for your dog or cats photo to upload at that time.  Its easy and fast. Please send us the highest resolution you can find!

Standard Orders go out in 3 weeks.
​For large orders or rush orders please email or call us. 1 855 410 8797 or direct 416 410 8797

Small Personalized Porcelain Dog/Cat Bowl.


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Pets Name Example: Precious (red). Note: red is in brackets or you could add (blue) this is the color we will make the name on the front of bowl.

Please make sure if you want everything large dog bowl with name on front (included) and a sentence on the back, please choose the highest option $75.95 and then give us your dogs/pets name and the sentence that you want printed on the back face of bowl the rear of bowl or the opposite side of bowl where your pet name is.

Tip: the better the quality photo will look better for your personalized dog bowl.  Try to avoid photographs with lots of background and "clutter" in the photo, it makes your dog/cat bowl look to "busy" and "messy".  Take a bit of time, and pick the right image, because our printing captures everything you send us!  

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Sentence Back of Bowl Example: The Smith Family Dog. OR  We love our Callie

The Only Personalized Dog or Cat Bowls with their photo or picture on the inside. 

Nobody prints like we do!

Large Personalized Porcelain Dog Bowl

The Only Printed Personalized Dog & Pet Bowls. With your pet image IN the Bowl!


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