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Dog Bone Shaped Porcelain Personalized Christmas Ornament.

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Pet Memorial Tiles

Sad but we also make for you to recapture the memories of your pet. Personalized Pet Memorial Tiles Oval of "Rufus" is 8 x 10 cm long. You can add the special 3M tape that is used in the cemeteries for adhering the tile to a head stone or rock face.

More Pet Memorial Tiles.

Rectangle and Square Shapes also available.

6" x 6" 

6" x 8"

8" x 8"

10 x 10"

Way More...

Order Your Pet Memorial Tile - Never Fade Image 8 x 10 cm Oval with 3M tape $189.95 USD 6 x 6 inch sq. tile with 3M tape $199.95 USD 6 x 8 inch sq. tile with 3M tape $219.95 USD 8 x 8 inch sq. tile with 3M tape $249.95 USD 10 x 10 inch sq. tile with 3M tape $279.95 USD Pets Name on tile Date Added

Personalized Christmas Ornaments (dogs or cats or other pets)

4 inch Porcelain Dog Boned Shaped Christmas Ornaments.

Will not scratch off or fade, like other "cheaper" dye-sublimated types.  

You know the ones, that you put in your Christmas ornament box and

a year later, they are all scuffed and scratched.


We are NOT dye sublimators, but use a term we call "Chemology".

Our prints are permanent, and we even give it a written warranty.

Will not scratch or fade, full color and detailed up to 1200 dpi.

The Only Printed Personalized Dog & Pet Bowls. With your pet image IN the Bowl!


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