We can print on all porcelain and ceramic...we specialize in dishware to restaurants and hotels, but since we can print on dinner plates, we can also print on mugs, murals and dog bowls too.


We use a patented cutting edge system for producing food grade printed products. Our method is what we call "Chemology" and its more based on chemistry than technology.  We digitally stain your image or picture or text on and in the porcelain dishware, tile, coasters, mugs or pet bowls.

Your dog or cat picture in the bowl, is 100% safe for the animal and does not fade and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Easy to order in 3 steps

Choose the item we are printing on.

We can take your pet photo (dog/cat) image and put it on a variety of porcelain products - first step is choose one.

Pay & We Manufacture

Once you pay, we can start the production process. It takes 2 to 4 weeks, to get it to you.

Mr. John Anderson
Dog Owner/Lover

Paris Group Inc.

Even our sign is printed on ceramic tile and it is exposed to all 4 seasons!

Not one-bit of fade or wear because our print is permanent.

Contact Page has our showroom and warehouse location.

See more of what we print on at our main site www.PicturedTile.com

Upload or email image

Our facility is equipped to print on all dog bowls, tiles and more. But you have to get the photo to us. Either email us or upload here.

Personalized Dog Bowls created a super amazing looking dog bowl that is perfect for "Callie"

about OUr Printing on porcelain & ceramic


The Only Printed Personalized Dog & Pet Bowls. With your pet image IN the Bowl!


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