Our latest cutie that we made a porcelain personalized dog bowl for. For smaller pets, like small dogs and cats we use our small bowl, its perfect for them.

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2 sizes of pet bowls & more.​

We have pet bowls in 2 sizes. The large

6 inch plus, for the big dogs and the smaller 5 inch plus for small dogs and cats.

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We may just have one in your area, and if you prefer to go that route to purchase your personalized dog bowl or to purchase in a larger way, please email us or call 1 855 410 8797 ext. 1 for sales

Distribute or Rep - with Us

If you have a pet shop, or a doggy grooming shop, (or want to distribute to your customers) and want to add our personalized dog bowls and pet items for you customers? Or need wholesale prices for promotions link here for more details.

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We print on more than just pet items!

We print on all kinds of dishware for restaurants (see PhotoPlates.net) and so using our same food safe system, we can print your pets photograph and text and customize your pet bowl. Dogs and Cats - love it! also our main site www.PicturedTile.com

Have your own pet store?

Check out our printed pet bowl banners that you can put up in your store, to increase sales.

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Dog Treat Canisters, Pet Ornaments, Tiles and Coasters & more..

Doggy treat canisters, Pet Christmas Ornaments, Coasters and Tiles all right here! (we just need your image!) See More Here

You need to send us (upload to us) your pet picture. High Resolution image needed 300 dpi.

What you send us is what your dog dish will look like.
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Personalized Dog Bowls is the only place where you can get high quality customized and personalized dog and cat bowls as well as other products like doggy treat cannisters, mugs, tiles and coasters.  All our print is food safe and will not ever wear out or fade. Scratch proof and dishwasher and microwave safe.

The Only Printed Personalized Dog & Pet Bowls. With your pet image IN the Bowl!


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